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A Biomass Gasification Power Plant is an advanced energy facility that converts biomass materials, such as wood chips, agricultural residues, or organic waste, into a clean and renewable synthetic gas called syngas. This syngas can then be used to generate electricity through combustion or in a gas turbine. Biomass gasification is an environmentally friendly process, as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and effectively utilizes organic waste materials. These power plants contribute to sustainable energy production by harnessing the energy potential of biomass while minimizing environmental impacts, making them an important component of the transition to cleaner and more renewable energy sources.

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Specification Unit                          Generating Power Series Parameter
Generating Power kW 200 300 500
Gasifier Model PBGFR-20 PBGFR-30 PBGFR-50
Running power Consumption kW 118
Gemerator Set Internal Combustion Internal Combustion Internal Combustion
Fuel Size Mm                                                10- 15
Gas Composition       The main combustible components are CO, CH3, H2, and CmHn gaseous hydrocarbons.
Fuel Moisture %                                                10- 15
Gasification Efficiency %                                                   80
Fuel Gas Wate Heat Kcal/h 220,000 300,000 550,000
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