Our Technology & Innovation

Improving grain processing involves optimizing various aspects of the grain processing industry to enhance efficiency, product quality, and overall sustainability. Grain processing plays a critical role in converting raw grains into value-added products such as flour, cereals, snacks, and animal feed. In modern world, grain processing plants are control with advanced automation technologies.

For our products, the high technology automation systems are integrated. The mechanical designs are also innovated by our research team. CNC machines such as Laser Sheet cutting, tube cutting, lathe are used for fabrication of our products. 

According to the customer feedbacks, we always trying to update our products. 

All raw materials are also international grade global brands.


Nyein Chan Yay
Gram Mill

Nyein Chan Yay gram mill plant is one of our success stories. In the 1998, a family business is started in Monywa City, Myanmar. This business was established with a clear mission: to bring the rich flavors and nutritional benefits of gram peas directly from them to people. NyeinChanYay Gram Mill chose Peacebrothers Industry  as its partner in 2021 to improve the quality of products and production rate. We survey and added Drying Plant and Milling machines to improve the quality of products. This plant process is  designed with PLCs & HMIs to control & monitoring , which can provides the system an instant and  comprehensive overview of operations at any time that helped to significantly boost the plant’s efficiency. Impressed by the performance of that plant, Nyein Chan Yay Gram Mill has continued to rely on Peacebrothers Industry  when they need other  machines ever since.


Grain Cleaning Plant

In 2020, Peacebothers Industry embarked on an exciting journey by establishing a grain cleaning plant. Driven by an innate curiosity and a desire to make a meaningful contribution to the agricultural sector, he set out to create a facility that would redefine the standards of grain quality and processing. Engineer of Peacebrothers Industry design the plant which can improved the grain quality and start build in 2021. To monitor real-time data and acquisition, we used Siemens Web base SCADA control system. Daily electrical expense, income raw grain amount, outcome goods grain amount and other historical data of plant can be collected easily in this system. To inform situations of the plant to plant owner no matter where he arrived, the reporting system which can report to his/her email is used. Cause of these features, our grain cleaning plant can not only improve the quality of grain but also inform the real time data of plant to plant owner no matter where he arrived.


NCY International Co.,LTD is a backbone enterprise of grain machinery that integrates research, development, production, and sales. Our company has a strong technical force and complete production and testing equipment. Our products are of exquisite quality, stable performance, and convenient operation.

Our main products are grain and rice processing machines such as vibrating cleaners, de-stoners, gravity separators, rice whitener, rice and grain polishers, color sorters, bucket elevators, blowers, etc…

Over the years, our products are good selling machines in our country, Myanmar.